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Hypochlorous Acid: The Unsung Hero of our Immune System

HOCl is the chemical formula for Hypochlorous Acid, a weak acid that is far and beyond the best microbial germ and virus killer on the market today. Safe to use—in fact, you're ingesting it with each drop of ElectroLyfe Drops—it won't burn the eyes or irritate the skin.

Yet, HOCl (the molecular structure is our logo) is used wherever a sanitizer can be useful. In ElectroLyfe Drops, HOCl provides your body with more of the natural germ-killing HOCl already present in your immune system.

Hypochlorous acid is found naturally in white blood cells of mammals, including the human body. HOCl is non-toxic and has been used as a safe wound care solution for many years.

When dissolved in water, Hypochlorous Acid has been found to have strong disinfection properties. HOCl has been proven to kill a whole host of nasty pathogens, including listeria, salmonella, hepatitis, influenza, and norovirus.