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We are dedicated to better water, better health, and a better life. During this pandemic, add an extra layer of protection to your face mask, and an immune boost to the water you drink. Make Mask Armor and ElectroLyfe™ Drops part of your daily routine and stay healthy!

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes regulate our nerve and muscle function, our body’s hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, and the rebuilding of damaged tissue. Various mechanisms exist in our body that keep the concentrations of electrolytes under strict control.

Our muscles and neurons are sometimes referred to as the “electric tissues” of the body. They are reliant on electrolyte movement between extracellular, interstitial and intracellular fluid (fluid inside, outside or between cells).

A muscle contraction needs calcium, sodium, and potassium to be present. Electrolyte imbalance can lead to either weak muscles, or muscles that contract too severely. It can even lead to brain dysfunction.

Trace minerals explained

Five percent of your diet typically includes macro minerals and trace minerals. Macro minerals are minerals that you need in quantities greater than 100mg/day and make up about 1 percent of your total body weight. These include sodium, chloride, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium.

Trace minerals are elements that are needed is smaller amounts, 1-100mg/day by adults and are less than .01 percent of total body weight. These include Copper, Chromium, Fluoride, Iodine, Iron, Molybdenum, Manganese, Selenium, and Zinc. Trace Minerals are inorganic matter that cannot be destroyed by cooking or heat and are essential to the body for a variety of processes.

The Magnesium Matrix®

It is estimated by the National Institutes of Health that 48% of Americans do not get enough daily magnesium.

The Magnesium Matrix is a ground breaking product that is a high absorption liquid magnesium supplement with electrolytes that provides a multitude of benefits.

Our ElectroLyfe™ Drops with Magnesium Matrix® is one of the simplest and healtiest ways to make sure you get enough magnesium. Your body will thank you.

ElectroLyfe™ Drops

A simple way to give your body trace minerals sourced from an ancient lake, including the absorbable Magnesium Matrix® added to your water or juice.

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NuView Electrolyfe supplement has been extremely helpful in managing a complex health problem that depleted potassium. It has helped provide stability with my electrolytes and prevented emergency visits to the hospital. I have also recommended it to family and friends who who have had issues related to dehydration and subsequent electrolyfe imbalance and also those who are athletes or work in the outdoors a lot. Duane, and the NuView team are exceptional to work with and I highly recommend their product.

Zina Lewis, Health Advocacy Associates LLC

I reallly notice a difference in overall well being when using ElectroLyfe drops. I just feel better.

Jean N.

When I have sore muscles, I soak in epsom salts (magnesium) so it makes sense to me to use the drops with Magnesium Matrix, too.

Ed B.

The Mask Armor spray adds a fresh scent and that's why I like using it. If it protects against infection, that's even better!

Jane J.

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