Magnesium Matrix™

In 1969 the father of the founding family realized that the waters of the Great Salt Lake had health properties (supportive, curative, restorative) surpassing that of any mineral supplement ever on the market. In those early days the family relied mostly on the numerous testimonials that soon came pouring in. Over the years the family has worked diligently to answer the questions of how and why with numerous clinical studies and other scientific reports, and continues to be the leader in this area.

Today science supports the three main areas of superiority of our flagship product namely Magnesium Matrix™, number one being the compatibility to human nutrition due to its balance and purity, number two being its superior bio availability due to its natural ionic properties, and number three its concentration gives superior value and reliability to all consumers. The family has developed a repertoire of fascinating kitchen science demonstrations to illustrate all of these vital points.

Consumers resonate with the simple truth that the foods we eat no longer retain their perfect nature because they are grown on imperfect soils. As the water cycle continues to erode valuable minerals from our soils, the Great Salt Lake actually becomes enriched. We have all heard the adage “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.”  The family likes to say “if it isn’t missing, don’t replace it.”  The full matrix of elements supporting magnesium in Magnesium Matrix™ is exactly what is missing from our soils, and therefore from the foods that we consume, nothing more, and nothing less. There could not possibly be a more complete more compatible mineral supplement.

Magnesium matrix™ is the perfect stand-alone supplement creating the foundational spark for all life giving functions within the body, or as a companion supplement boosting the health giving properties of nearly all other nutritional supplements. To date the family has been able to identify 79 of the 84 “primordial elements” (elements that have existed since the beginning of time) as being present in Magnesium Matrix™. It is not enough to simply replace these elements as part of energy neutral compounds. The elements must be in an active ionic state as they exist naturally in Magnesium Matrix™ in order to support metabolism, conduct electrical impulses throughout the nervous system, connect brain synapses, activate enzymes, and in general resonate the full subtle energies of the universe.

Today the family boasts the largest dedicated food grade harvesting operation on the Great Salt Lake, choosing to honor the age old traditions of 100% natural solar evaporation, on the most remote and pristine north end. Our harvesting facilities are a separate entity, but still majority owned and controlled by the founding family. The founding family is proud to offer superior provenance (traceability) and the most reliable Great Salt Lake based minerals available in our Magnesium Matrix™.

Today, more than ever Magnesium is recognized as the most deficient element in human nutrition and therefore the most important element to replace through supplementation. With all of the inferior magnesium products on the market, customer awareness is high while customer satisfaction is low. There has never been a better time to corner the magnesium market with combination of the superior product and superior marketing.

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